Family Guy Sociology

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Option 2: “Family Guy”
Keniesha Lake
SOCI 1010-C21
University of Memphis

There are many ways to show the world your ideas, and the main way people tend to go about it is using different forms of media. Media is all the print, digital, and electronic means of communication” (OpenStax College 2015). The most used form of media is television. You can use television to find out the news, watch sports, and be entertained. The form of media I am using for this paper is the popular comedy show “Family Guy”. “Family Guy” is a very diverse show, covering many topics some people might find inappropriate, but that is what makes this show very rich for a sociologist to study. The episode of “Family Guy” I studied was titled “You Can’t Do That
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In this episode of “Family Guy”, the agents included the Griffin family and their dog, Peter’s friends, and the people around their neighborhood. Some people in the neighborhood included Dr. Hartman, Meg’s teacher, the kids in the studio watching Peter’s show, and the kids that attacked Lois in the store. These characters might have been in the background, but from a sociologically view, they added more to the show that one would think. The norms in “Family Guy” are quite different from the norms in the real world. “Norms define how to behave in accordance with what a society has defined as good, right, and important, and most members of the society adhere to them” (OpenStax College 2015). The norms in “Family Guy” include a Bryan, who is a talking dog, Stewie, who is a baby who is speaking as fluently as a grown man, walks as if he is not a baby, and who also spends most of the episode by himself, and a doctor who is not even considered a doctor in a legal…show more content…
This episode had many different elements of sociology to study. Since the show is so controversial, it has many elements that people would not openly talk about, and many scenes where it would be completely wrong to do in real life. That is why studying media from a sociological view is so important. It shows the underlying layer of what is being shown that most people who are just watching it for entertainment never
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