Family Hardship In The Glass Castle

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Among the many themes represented in the novel The Glass Castle, the most prominent is family hardship. Family hardship is when a family is going through severe suffering or privation. The Walls family represent the theme of family hardship because their parents weren’t caring enough for their children. This theme can be seen in the memoir written by Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle, the movie Running with Scissors and in the book No and Me. Family hardship makes a family stronger and closer to each other.
In the novel The Glass Castle, written by Jeannette Walls, the main theme is family hardship. “At home, we’d empty Mom’s purse onto the sofa bed and count the remaining money. There’d be hundreds of dollars, more than enough to cover our
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Augusten, a teenager, tells the story of his adolescence. Living with his mentally ill mother, Deirdre and an alcoholic dad, Norman, Augusten faces different kind of challenges. Despite the doctor 's extensive treatment, Augusten 's mother does not gain the mental stability that she seeks. Eventually, the stress of raising a teenage boy becomes too much for her. His life takes an unexpected turn after his mother gives him away to her unorthodox therapist without any warning. The Finch family lived a completed different life from his own. They had the right to take drugs and talk rudely to his parents. Augusten felt isolated because of his difference of not talking back and taking drugs. After living many years with the Finch family, Deirdre admits to him that his therapist doctor, Mr. Finch had sexually abused her during one of her treatment. Due to the stress, he decided that it will be best for him to move out of his host family. While living on his own, he failed college and many more. Augusten realizes that his life, though hard, prepared him for a richer life as a writer in the city. Given all he overcomes, such endeavors fail to scare him any longer. Augusten became a stronger than ever because of his challenge in his adolescent
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