Family Health Analysis

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As shown in the family table, not all of my aunts and uncles are accounted for. A huge part of my family is in Vietnam and I have yet to keep in contact with them since the age of 10. By looking at the health history of my relatives, I could see that many of these health issues could be preventable. The unhealthy habits that could be presented in their early life is something that could have a huge contribution to why they developed these health complications. Some of the personal risk that could affect me in the future is being inactive, eating unhealthy, being associated with alcohol or recreational drugs, or being in a stressful situation. Through limited information about the health history of my family members, the risk is not related…show more content…
My paternal grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes around the age of 50. The issue with diabetes is that it could be in the family history and this could increase your risk of having it. Some of the risk factors for diabetes include family history, lack of exercise, being overweight, high blood pressure, and having an unhealthy diet. My grandmother developed diabetes due to her unhealthy habits. Many include fatty and oil foods. Some techniques to take control and help prevent diabetes is to get more physical activity, in taking fiber into your meals, skipping on fatty foods, and losing the extra weight. Although it may be hard, being able to add some fruits and vegetables into your meal could help a lot for your body and overall health. Spending at least 30 minutes of light exercise could help prevent yourself from being overweight and have a higher risk of diabetes. Spending time to figure out what is a healthy lifestyle could save a lot of time and money in the future. The most common prevention method is eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. The risk of having high cholesterol, diabetes, and lung cancer could be reduce if I can follow a healthy and active lifestyle. The preventable techniques for these complications is not difficult to do if I am worried about my future health. The risks in these can be avoided in the simplest ways. Overall, the chances for success is high because the illnesses that
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