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Assessment: Client: N.H. is fifty-two and works at Marsha’s Buckeyes creating chocolate confections. She believes that she is doing quite well in relation to her mental, physical, and spiritual health wellness, but could use assistance to strengthen and bolster them. In the mental health category; she does struggle with stress as a result of having two children currently in college. Physically, she walks three or more times a week and tries her best to eat healthy. Her spiritual outlook is lacking and she feels that she needs to become closer to God. Family health history: N. H.’s family history is inconsistent. There are various cancers and heart issues that have plagued her parents, aunts and uncles. Her mother died of melanoma cancer when…show more content…
She does struggle assisting with schoolwork and having to help one with math and or spelling. She wishes she could help others with math, and that she could spell better. She is Catholic, and she tries to go to church when possible. Recently, she has not had the urge to go to church, and she would rather stay at home and clean house. Her activity level is very good. At least three times a week she wakes up at five in the morning and walks with her friend in the neighborhood. She states that she receives enough sleep each night; about six to seven hours a night. She does not have any issues with waking up at night and or falling…show more content…
Implementation: When interviewing my client I sat down with her and sat at eye level, I made sure the lighting was favorable and ensured that she was comfortable. We were in a quiet and private room with no distractions. Various topics arose during the interview. N.H. asked about alternative techniques to rid her of her headaches. She was also concerned about the risk factors that may arise with taking OTC medicine. She also was concerned if she needed to carry around an epi pen; we decided it was a prudent idea to have available at all times. Evaluation: N.H. was very surprised at all of the information that was provided to her. She did not realize the importance of her allergies, and was shocked by the seriousness. N.H. is now completely aware of her allergies, she can state detailed signs and symptoms, and is educated on how to appropriately treat them. She is also aware of triggers of her headaches, and methods she can employ to reduce the pain she experiences. N.H. was very successful in her goals, she rates her pain level at a 4, and she can perform all of her

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