Family Health History Research Paper

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1. Knowing your family history can be beneficial in many different aspects. Based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knowing your family medical history can help prevent chronic diseases. “Family health history information may help health care providers determine which tests and screenings are recommended to help family members know their health risk”. Physicians will be able to detect signs early on, and even give tips on things in which you can do to reduce your risk for certain diseases, just by simply having a record of your family’s health history.
2. A “useful” family health history consists of all of your immediate family member health issues if any. When they were diagnosed with that particular disease, age and caused of
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“Chronic diseases are caused by a combination of factors that family members share, including genes, behaviors, lifestyles, and environments (e.g., residence, community)
6. Only about 30% of Americans obtained their family health history.
7. I found the tool to be extremely useful because it gave me the opportunity to research my family’s health history; the graphic was nice as well. I cannot think of ways that I would improve the tool.
8. I had the opportunity to know about my grandparent’s health before they were deceased. My grandfather died in 2008 of lung cancer. He stopped smoking for over 10 years, but I guess the cancer followed him and caused me to lose one of the most important people in my life. It brings me tears to have to type this. Nonetheless, he also had high blood pressure. My grandmother on the other hand, from father’s side of the family, was broken, sad to say, and her death wasn’t as hard for us because she was suffering a lot. She had high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stone, was blind in one eye and a few other health issues. The recent people that I’ve interviewed were my mother and father. My mother does not have any health issues (thank goodness). My father who is 56 years old has high blood pressure and

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