Family Ideology Influence On Family

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Nowadays, family issue increase in the world; such as the environment in the family become scurviness,and the education levels have big gap between each families children. I will going to discuss about the parents ideology effects children’s life. For example, bad life style in one family will change the children’s style and the mind of the life. It just like parents use left hands to hold forks and the children also become use left hand hold forks cause no one in this family use right hand to have meal.Jack McLeod and Steven said “Chaffee identified two dimensions on which families tended to communicate — either open, issue-oriented, and expressive or obedient and deferential to parents. This research was so influential, it is not only an important component of research on how children are socialized into a political world, but serves as a framework for how family scholars examine the effects of family dynamics.” That is one point in the family issue and let scientist to discuss. The reason why I choose the topic is I also in a special family cause my parents have three and the life style is different compare with other Chinese family. For example, we need go to school by themselves when we have 7years old ,because mother need to take my big sister to high school. Of course , It’s not only for good thing , and many different habits that family had.So I interested on the ideology and habits how bad for children in the normal life, and I can learn necessary things
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