Family Impact On The First Stone

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Abe Levine Saranya Theivendrarajah ENG1D1-12 24 May 2023 Family Impact on The First Stone "In every conceivable manner, the family is linked to our past, a bridge to our future." - Alex Haley This perfectly captures the themes in Don Akers's novel The First Stone through the intertwining stories of troubled teenagers Reef and Leeza. Don Aker shows the enormous influence that family has on a person, set in Nova Scotia, this story shows the value and strength of family ties and how they support us through difficult times and show us the way to self-discovery and a brighter future. In “The First Stone” by Don Aker, decision-making, the complex dynamics of family influence, and having a family bond all go into how family can make someone become …show more content…

For example, During a vivid childhood flashback, Reef overhears his intoxicated grandfather saying “. . . like none ‘a this matters, like you're just along for the ride. . .” (Aker 63). This quote reflects Reef's grandfather's pessimistic outlook on life, subtly influencing Reef's character choices without his awareness. Reef's strong family ties significantly impact him more than he knows, family has a huge role in his decision-making process. When Reef overhears his grandfather expressing a negative perspective on life, it has the potential to diminish his sense of care and purpose. As a young boy, this could lead Reef to make reckless decisions that could harm himself or others. Growing up with these beliefs unknowingly affects Reef's decision-making process. The quote serves as a prime example of how family influence shapes Reef’s worldview and the choices he makes. In addition, When Reef was feeling sick in the car when he was little his grandmother gave him a stone, he called it the “sick stone” “‘It's a sick-stone,’ she explained when his grandfather had gotten back in the car. She placed it in Reef's hand and closed his fingers over it. ‘When you feel like you're gonna throw up, just squeeze it hard. It'll take the sick feeling away.’” (Aker 33). The gift of the sick stone from Reef's grandmother shows how big of an impact that family has. It represents their support and influence in shaping his choices. However, when Reef eventually throws the stone over The Pit, it sets off a chain of events in the book. The quote illustrates family influence, where even well-intentioned gestures can lead to detrimental consequences. It highlights how family plays a significant role in shaping Reef's character and decision-making process, ultimately impacting his journey in the novel. Finally, Reef's character choices

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