Film Analysis: A Better Life

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A family is both a biological unit and a social unit; an unit that has a connection with history and a connection with the future. It is a social group where emotions such as loyalty, love, devotion, commitment and sharing are not only finely expressed but even expected. (White, 2005, p. 4) Family is an integral part of every human. Yet every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses, whether the strengths come from connections or the weaknesses come from changes, a home containing more than two people is a family.
However, analyzing the family depicted in the movie, "A Better Life" I realized that there are unhealthy families as the Galindos' family. As I analyzed I found out that the psychodynamic functions
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However, this attachment was caused due to Luis believing that Carlos was his only support system, so Luis knew he had no one else to depend on even though he had his aunt.
Last but not least, the second external factor that affected the Galindos was the effects of poverty. "Many of the poor, and in particular the poor found within racial minorities, who must confront issues of both racism and poverty, feel trapped, disempowered, and increasingly full of rage."
In the movie, Carlos and Luis were poor as Carlos was the only breadwinner in the family and the segregated environment they lived in had only certain jobs. There were some scenes where they displayed the lack of physical support such as since there was only one room in the house, Luis got the bed whereas Carlos had to sleep on the couch. Also, due to certain jobs, Carlos risked his life as the job he did was unsafe, low-income job but to support Luis, Carlos had to make living somehow.
Also, socialization of children, since they were living in poverty, Luis had to socialize in an environment where it is controlled by the gangs, so he was surrounded by negative influences due to his financial
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