The Color Purple Family Analysis

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Family Family is a large part of The Color Purple. Alice walker says makes many points about various subjects, but her opinion on family is clear. Family is not defined by blood relation or marriage, or any traditional connection. This is very clear in The Color Purple, through the life of Celie and her journey as a person Celie is introduced as an abused child/mother of her Pa’s children. She is raped by him often, and has fathered many of his children. Once Pa’s wife dies, she is forced to be the motherly figure in her siblings/kids life. All of these people in her house at the time are related to her by blood, in more ways than most, but you can tell they are not family to her. She does not feel at the beginning of the book. She makes herself not feel, so she can stay alive. If she cannot feel, then how can she care about anyone. She may have blood relatives, but only one is family to her. Nettie is her sister, and is everything Celie isn’t. She is a smart, independent woman with a bright future. Celie has been there to support her, as she cares for her as a true sister would. Celie…show more content…
She finally forgets about him when she finds out he is not even her biological father. The terrible family she came from is no longer her family. She now has finally cut of all of the bad family, except for Mr. ____. Later on, she finds out that Pa has died. The bond is completely broken, making way for others to replace it. The problem of Mr. ____ gets taken care of when Shug and her discover the letters that Mr. ____ has been withholding. Shug can see that he does not care for Celie at all, and that Celie has to get away from him. After reading the letters, they just lie together and for the first time since Nettie, she has a family member. She calls Shug her sister. They support each other and look out for each other, and Shug is not even related to her in any
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