Family In The Armenian Family

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On this planet there are a lot of nations and each of them has its own understanding of the word “family’’. In every Armenian family adults are taught that family for us is the basis of everything and when speaking about Armenian family young people know that even after marriage they can never forget about the architects of their family, they can never forget about their parents, their future children’s grandparents. Armenian girls know it for sure that they should love their in-laws so sincerely as they love their husbands because their in-laws are a crucial part of their husband 's life. It goes without saying that it is very hard to get fit with an entirely new family 's lifestyle, needs, mentality and so on. But creating family harmony is possible by treating in-laws as your own parents, never complaining to your husband about his mother and allowing your in-laws to take part in ubringing of their grandchildren.
First, it is an open secret that having an independent life is very important for married couples but clever and farsighted young people understand that living with parents after marriage, having an extended family can be very beneficial for them because it strengthens bonds in a family. There are no parents and children who have not quarreled for at least once or twice throughout their lives and the main reason of their quarrels has been misunderstandings. So from this we can conclude that if mothers and daughters sometimes quarrel and there is nothing
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