Family In The Bean Trees

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In The Bean Trees, all of the families are loving, but they also go through events that challenge them and change them forever. These families include Estevan and Esperanza, who had a very rough past and still fight through it. Another family is Lou Ann, Angel, and Dwayne Ray, who go through a very hard transition early on in the marriage. The last family is Taylor and Turtle, who through eventful circumstances, become a family. These challenges change the families forever. Estevan and Esperanza are a married couple from Guatemala who came to the U.S. illegally. While they were in Guatemala, they suffered through a tragic loss, the stealing of their child Ismene. They were part of a union of 20 members and the Guatemalan government didn’t like that. Before Ismene was taken, three of the members had been killed, one of which was Esperanza’s brother, and Estevan and Esperanza were scared because they knew the names of the other 17 members. By taking Ismene, the government was setting a trap for Estevan and Esperanza that they desperately wanted to follow. This is the reason the came to the U.S. They were running from the Guatemalan government. Even…show more content…
Another example of family that shows love in The Bean Trees is Lou Ann and Dwayne Ray. Lou Ann is loving because she is a single parent who has had dreams that told her that her child would not live past the age of two; therefore, she is loving and caring towards Dwayne Ray because she wants to keep him safe. Lastly, Taylor and Turtle show love through extreme risks. They travelled hundreds of miles to go find relatives that could have been dead and to take two people to a safe house even though they could have been caught and put in jail, they showed that they loved being with each other and wanted to keep it that
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