Family In The House On Mango Street

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HOMS Essay House On Mango Street, written by Sandra Cisneros, has various people and families. It is about Esperanza, whose family is poor and keeps moving homes, now lives in a house on Mango Street. She tells a story about each of the new people she meets in her diverse neighborhood. Out of the whole neighborhood, Esperanza and her family are also different from them. Esperanza’s family is poor, but they are good at supporting each other’s problems and feelings. The role of Esperanza’s family is being annoying, yet supportive to her. She refuses that she doesn’t belong in that family, even though she deeply knows she does and loves them for it. Esperanza thinks her parents have too much hope, hates going to her Aunt’s apartment, her great-grandmother is a good kind of wild, her brothers are immature because of the whole “cooties” rule, and that she is a balloon tied to anchor when being with Nenny. Esperanza thinks Nenny is a drag because on page three, she says,” Nenny is too young to be my friend. She's just my sister and that was not my fault. You don't pick your sisters, you just get them and sometimes they come like Nenny.” Today, most of the older siblings in families do not like their younger siblings, but they understand you can’t pick what type of sibling you want in life. She also compares the bond that she shares with Nenny to Rachel and Lucy. Esperanza didn’t understand why family is so important, until about on page twenty-three her aunt died and on page twenty-two, it says “Your abuelito is dead, Papa says early one morning in my room.…show more content…
She knows she is lucky to have a less problematic family to support and her during good choices or bad decisions. Esperanza talks about the relationships of each family on Mango Street until she leaves and finds a better place. The other families on Mango Street also have it hard, but they don’t have the bond of the Esperanza’s
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