Family In The Odyssey

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Importance of Family In Homer’s “The Odyssey,” a valiant soldier-Ulysses-took twenty years to return home from war (Sentence 7a). He had left behind his wife and unborn child. Ulysses overcame a plethora of obstacles throughout his journey. It was dangerous and difficult and frightening (Sentence 4a). However, he persevered through it all and eventually made it home to his family. Ulysses’ family motivated him to come home because of his desire to come home to Telemachus, defend his Penelope, and return to his beloved spouse. One of the reasons Ulysses wanted to come home: his absence ensued him missing his son's whole childhood (Sentence 11). “Penelope was pregnant with Telemachus when Odysseus left their island home of Ithaca for the battle…show more content…
As explained before, he had the courage to kill 108 men for her. In “The Odyssey,” Ulysses was a striking man that attracted a plethora of women. The nymph, Calypso, for example, liked Ulysses so much that she held him against his will on her island for 7 years. “His eyes kept never dry he did so mourn, and his waste his dear age for his wish’d return; which still without the cave he us’d to do, because he could not phase the goddess so, at night yet, forc’d together took their rest the willing goddess and th’ unwilling guest.” (Homer 515). Although they weren’t under the most romantic circumstances, she truly did love him. Ulysses, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get back home. Another woman was Circe who was a deceitful witch that knew how to treat a man good Ulysses could have been with (Sentence 15). “...Men sometimes may be something delicate. Bath’d, and adorn’d, she led me to a throne of massy silver, an of fashion exceeding curious. A fair foot-stool set, water appos’d and every sort of meat set on th’ elaborately-polish’d board,...”(Homer 612). Circe knew exactly how to please him. She was an obviously charming woman that he had relations with. The third woman that was allured by him was Nausicaa. “He shall be sure her husband… It may be, praying hard, when her heart ran on some wish’d husband, out of heav’n some god dropp’d in her lap;” She was an enchanting virgin who had a
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