Family: The Importance Of Family Relationships

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As everyone knows that family is the most important thing in people’s lives. Family is a basic social unit that involves people at multiple levels. We need to communicate with people in our family and discuss something important with them. Family is the safe place and the best person for us to discuss with. And family should be where anyone can go back to in times of need or trouble. Sometimes they can’t help you with every situation, but at least you’re not alone to live in this world. Some problem you can’t solve by yourself, you need someone to help you by heart, so who are you thinking about first? Sure, you will think about your parents or your siblings. Having a good relationship with your family is the most important in life.…show more content…
“The word family is unique, special and controversial among different culture and ethnicities. Family is any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts and cousins” And we’re a simple group of people, who loves, supports, and helps each other unconditionally, and endlessly. However, there are so many kinds of relationships are being developed such as family relationship friendship, and social relationship. As our topic above, we will discuss the importance of family relationship to a person because family relationship would affect the growth and the future of a person. “Communication is a transactional process in which individuals create, share and regulate meaning,’’ as defined in family communication or family relationship. For example, father always plays an important role in it. The reason that he is so important because he has to carry most of the burdens in the family. Learning how to make a strong relationship with your own family…show more content…
For example, spending your time with your parents and your sibling every weekend if you have a busy daily schedule. Making them proud to have you in life. Being a lovely daughter or son. They’re trying so hard for us and supporting us to do something, to be a strong person. So why can’t we make them proud? Only your parents know you well. How to make them happy? Just asking them to go out for a walk and make them happy is enough. Make time for being together. Time flies and people changed especially families have changed a lot in recent years and there are more and more time pressures on parents and children. ‘’ But spending time together as a family is very important to kids – yes, even teenagers! It helps them feel safe, love and cared for’’ (Building a good relationship with your child). Have fun times together and create special memories that you can talk about – holidays, birthdays, parties, picnics. Having meals together – and turn off the TV. They just want to see our happiness and we also want to see them happy. Families that eat together, stay together. It's that simple. "Family dinners are essential," Boteach says. "It's a time to connect." Have a minimum of four family dinners per week, he suggests. So nothing better than home having dinner together with family and talk like best friends. And communication is the sending of information from one person to

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