Family Life Cycle Of Family Development

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Family life cycle Stage 1: the unattached young adult At this stage is time for new beginnings for a young adult starting to see the world to taking responsibility for their own life’s .To succeed in this young adult needs support of their family. Separateness between parent and a child where a young adult start to find himself .Focusing on herself before committing to a partner. The task that is critical to accomplish in this phase; separating from family and connecting with peers as well as starting a career. Also, during this stage we establish peer relationship .example staying with other students at campus and becoming financial independent. Young adult start formulating goals for the future, planning what they want to become. Deal with independence from separating from family. Moreover acceptance of emotional and financial responsibility, starting to be on your own. therefore family won’t be there every time you start crying, it’s time now to pay your own bills .second order change that have to be accomplished ,young adult decide what was right or wrong that he or she learned their own families. The family start to separate young adult as an individual. Mr X & Mrs X now see their daughter as an adult .their daughter also start to seek suitable relationship outside family of origin. Intimacy is understood to mean the ability to develop and maintain closer relationship. (Study guide,p45line). Start to decide which career will be good with young adult skills and values
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