Advantages Of Having Children

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Family Life: Having Children vs Not Having Children
Van Mansfield
University of Maryland University College

All people experience changes in their lives as they grow older. One of these changes are to have children or not to have children. Some people prepare for children whereas for others, it’s something that happens unexpectedly. There are quite a few differences between having children and not. From the simple things like the way you spend your free time, to how you spend your money. Believe it or not, they’re similarities as well that point out the benefits and setbacks. The most common answer amongst colleges when asked about their way of living is the fulfillment in their lives regardless if they have kids or not. Neither
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Life with off springs can bring many surprising, emotional and physical moments. A lady once told me, having boys are great because they help to carry on the family name but having girls can be an even greater thing; girls always come back after every one has grown up and moved on to help care for their elderly parents. Some chose to have children, to relive their childhood all over again through their kids. While there are many benefits to not having children, those without them might sometimes find themselves lonely. They will not experience the joy of seeing another human being that they created and invested so much time in, although this is not always important to some. In the early years, it may be great to live without kids, but it can also become a drawback in later years. WebMD posted an article called, Child-less living, and though the article relates more to infertility being the cause of choice for not having children, it provides a great point of view. “Some couples with children wish they 'd never had them; couples with no children may regret it. The decision itself is not as important as how comfortable you are with your choice.” For those with children they may find that the relationship or bond they form with their children will pay dividends when they get older. As we get older we’ll possibly need our diapers changed like the way we took care of our kids. For those without children, they might find it more challenging down the line when they’re older to have someone to take care of them. Everyone’s walk of life is different so this may not always be the case. In other words, although there is a greater level of freedom, there are some drawbacks as well. Either lifestyles, doesn’t guarantee a happy
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