Family Life: Having Child Vs. Not Having Children

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Family Life: Having Children vs Not Having Children Van Mansfield University of Maryland University College All people experience changes in their lives as they grow older. One of these changes are to have children or not to have children. Some people prepare for children whereas for others, it’s something that happens unexpectedly. There are quite a few differences between having children and not. From the simple things like the way you spend your free time, to how you spend your money. Believe it or not, they’re similarities as well that point out the benefits and setbacks. The most common answer amongst colleges when asked about their way of living is the fulfillment in their lives regardless if they have kids or not. Neither decision can be viewed as better than the other for they are personal choices. Money is always a huge topic of discussion, but to some people, you cannot buy happiness. How money is chosen to be spent with children is opposite to those without them. College education is the most expensive cost that majority of parents may face if they can help invest further into their child’s education. According to an article by Dan Cohen, the average yearly cost for future parents may run more than $35,000 at a public university or more than $70,000 at a private university level. On average, parents can spend up to 500,000 per kid through the age of 18. If you think about that, those costs can be two mortgages on a house. In a lifetime that
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