Family Lives Case Study

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Organizations such as Young Minds, Family Lives, Bernardo's, Kidscape and PAPYRUS Prevention of young suicide will help to support children and young people's health, safety and well-being. Family Lives is an organization which helps parents as well as children and young people to deal with changes within their lives. "Helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life" Family Lives accessed on 22/01/18 Family lives help to support a variety of individuals from children and young people to family breakdowns. "People contact us about all aspects of family life including child development, issues with schools and parenting/relationship support. We also respond when life becomes complicated and provide support…show more content…
This was found when researching on Ann Birchanan, JoAnne Ten Brinkle, 1997 "Factors that may come as a result of parental background, such as poverty and parenting difficulties." Ann Burchanan, JoAnn Ten Brinke accessed on 23/01/18 When children and young people turn into adults within their later life it is known that the background of their family has a long term effect upon them. "Different parental backgrounds have been shown to have long-term effects for some children in adult life." Ann Burchanan, JoAnn Ten Brink, 1997 accessed on 23/01/18. It is also known that when families go though a situation which causes a distraction it causes both children and young people to become effected within their later lives. "Research to date has shown that for some children family disruption can have repercussions into adulthood." Ann Burchanan, JoAnn Ten Brinke, 1997. There are also links between psychological issues and family conflict within adolescence and adulthood. An indicator of family conflict affecting a child or young person was that children are more likely to suffer with depression when they become an adult. This was one of the problems with children and young people at the age of 16 years. "There were also significant links between family conflict and psychological problems in adolescence and in adulthood. Generally an important indicator that conflict was affecting a child, and that a child might be vulnerable to depression as an adult, was the presence of psychological problems at age 16." Ann Buchanan, JoAnn Ten Brinke, 1997 accessed on 23/01/18. It is also known that children who were more vulnerable to psychological problems where those who had experienced negative 'care'. "The most vulnerable, particularly to psychological problems, were those brought up in disadvantage or with an experience of 'care'." Ann Burchanan, JoAnn Ten Brinkle, 1997 accessed on 23/01/18. Many
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