Family Loyalty In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

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“Family- like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.” This famous quote describes a theme in Chaim Potok’s book, The Chosen. Although the friendship between Reuven and Danny showed apparently, the family relationships also had a very strong say in the book. Loyalty displayed by both boys towards their fathers is evinced throughout the book. Although each family had their ups and downs, in the end, family became the most important thing. Danny even defended his dad’s style of teaching in front of his best friend, Reuven. Family loyalty is obvious in how Danny treats his dad, how Reuven confides in his father, and how Reb Saunders loves his son despite all his faults. Firstly, although his dad, Reb Saunders, did not give Danny many reasons to like him, Danny still loved him and defended his dad. At times, Danny might seem to despise Reb Saunders, but at the end of the day, he still loves him. For instance, after Reuven met Reb Saunders for the first time and got intimidated by him,…show more content…
Reb Saunders believed in teaching with silence for he too had been brought up with it. “He taught me to look into myself, to find my own strength… words are cruel… the heart speaks through silence”(284). His method, though it made Danny mad at times, sad and confused at other times, was all to teach Danny compassion and love and to take on other people’s suffering. One can see Reb Saunders loved Danny and everything he did, though it might have seemed cruel, he did to teach his mind to stay strong and to understand pain; he did it for he cared for Danny’s soul and mind. Saunders believed that to learn the pain of others, one must suffer himself first. When reading the book, one might have hated and despised Reb Saunders for the way he treated Danny, but at the end, one understands why exactly he did

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