Family Loyalty In Romeo And Juliet

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Loyalty and family pressures create inner conflict for human beings.
In William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, readers are able to see fatal consequences; when personal desires and family ties conflict and blind. The characters Romeo, Tybalt and Juliet are faced with the dilemma of facing family loyalty versus self-integrities. Romeo and Juliet must face the consequences of choosing between love and family, influenced by age and social standings, whilst Tybalt is presented with the complication of testing how far he will let family pride drive him. Outside forces such as age, social class, and family affiliations have deep ramifications on the outcomes of Romeo, Tybalt and Juliet’s destinies.

Romeo is placed in a predicament where he must choose between love and sensibility,however, age and lack of good judgment caused Romeo to make irrational decisions that lead to disastrous consequences. Henceforth when Mercutio and Benvolio notice Romeo’s lovelorn behaviour, the pair persuade their friend to attend a Capulet feast, in an effort to find new love. However, Romeo remains apprehensive; “I fear too early for my mind misgives, some consequence hanging in the stars, shall bitterly begin this fearful date.” (1.4-106-109). Furthermore, Romeo’s back and forth behaviour is inspired by an immature demeanor, his lack of life
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When faced with the task of making independent choices, Romeo,Tybalt and Juliet let other’s points of view alter their mental state and actions. Romeo and Juliet can not undertake self-desires and family affiliation, meanwhile, Tybalt could not handle the toll of constantly proving his loyalty. The trio continued to let outside forces determine the outcomes of their destinies, leading to all three individuals mental and physical
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