Family Map Worksheet

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Growing up in a small family can have plenty of ups and down but most importantly we grow to love each other very much. We have been faced with tough situations that can either break a family or build a better bond between us. My family is very small and is very dysfunctional but I cannot help but to love them. I have two younger sisters who are 15 and 13 years old. I am the oldest and the second person in my family to attend college. I was raised by my grandmother because my mother had me at 18 years old and was still in high school. I am going to discuss the closeness and flexibility of my family in separate programs. After reading about my family, maybe people would get a better understanding of how we deal with certain situations
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We are not afraid to ask for anything if we do not have it then the other family member would try their best to make sure that we get what we asked for. For instance, I needed money to get me a car for school so I would not be asking other people for rides all the time. My grandmother did not have the money so I asked my uncle would he loan me some money for a car and he made sure that I was able to get a car that was affordable and would not break down very easily. When we borrow money from other family members we pay them back so we build a bond off of trust. If we were out in public you would probably guess that we are not close because there always seem to be an argument that abrupt everywhere that we go and it could be over the smallest things. My dad, for instance, like to complain about everything and if we went out to eat he would make a scene if he did not like something that he had ordered and then the family would start arguing with him because of his actions and then we will look disconnected from that point…show more content…
For instance, my grandmother believes that a person should get married first and then have kids because apparently that is the right thing to do, but instead my mother had three children before she got married but my grandmother does not look at her any different. My grandmother is the person who keeps this family together and I will always love her for that. As I grew older I had the option to stay with my mother or continues living with my grandmother and I choose to stay with my grandmother because I was comfortable and did not want to change anything even though change is good in a family. We usually do not have secrets because we feel that we are close enough to tell one another what is going on in our personal life. I would say now we are happy as a family because we are still alive and have all the necessities to keep us going throughout the
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