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I was asked for an assignment to interview a family member from a different generation than myself , and I chose to interview my mother. It was interesting to hear her responses to some of the questions. Throughout this paper I will share her responses and what I have learned about her generation from these responses. First I will start with her earliest memories, her friends and family interactions, and a few of her opinions about the modern times. I knew a few things before but I was able to learn some new things about her.
When I asked my mother about her first memory she began to tell me about how she remembered seeing an image of Snow White on the hospital walls of where she went after a motorcycle accident she was involved in when she was 4. I found it interesting that such a minor detail can be remembered especially during what was likely a traumatic experience.
The oldest relative that she knew was the brother of her grandfather. She claimed she remembered him because he refered to movies with heavy gun usage as bang-bang movies. When asked how her parents met my mother replied that they met by dating in high school, and my grandfather got my grandmother pregnant. As was kind of an obligation at the time they got married for the sake of the child. My
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She said she enjoyed history because the teachers in that department made the class fun. She mentioned specifically her favorite teacher Mr. Dolzar always did his best to make the class both informative ,but also fun. She then explained that she enjoyed taking cosmotology class in high school because she was able to learn a trade , and that she made a few friends. She was too young to have been alive during the Kennedy assassination to remember it on the very day it happened. She did mention that about 5th grade they were beginning to mention the assassination of JFK in history
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