Family: Movie Analysis

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Within this paper I will be talking about the struggle of a family in a time of need, who one are dealing with the loss of a family member, a lack of faith that there is a god, and an alien invasion. During this time the family grows together in a time of need and they help each other no matter how much of an impact that they may put on the chain of events.
In the movie signs we are brought to a family living on a farm. The father Graham an Ex priest struggling with the death of his wife colleen 6 months before. Also with his relationship with god and that there even is a god to begin with, seeing as before he blamed god for colleen’s death. Merrill graham’s baby brother who is kind of like the muscle of the family, a soldier who will to do what he must to protect the family. Morgan Graham’s son whom
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If Graham had never listened to colleen, then he and the rest of his family would never have made it through Thee attack. While the alien was holding Morgan in its arms the camera pan over to the Baseball bat. The bat that Merrill hit the 507 foot homerun back in the day, as this happens Graham goes through another flashback to when he was saying his last goodbyes to colleen. In the flashback colleen is pinned against the tree and she tells graham to tell “to see” and for Merrill to “swing away” then graham comes back and looks at the bat then at Merrill and he tells him to “swing away”. Just as Merrill grabs the bat the alien then sprays poison into Morgan’s face but you also have to remember Morgan was born with asthma, Merrill then hits the alien with the bat the alien dropping Morgan. As graham snatches up Morgan and Bo and runs outside, Graham gives Morgan his medicine praying to god for the second time in one day out of six months that Morgan’s lungs were closed when the alien sprayed the poison in
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