Family Nurse Practitioner Admission Essay Sample

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My passion for nursing practice defies description; leading to the reason I am opting to pursue a higher level of education in nursing. The George Washington University School of nursing has one of the highly ranked master’s programs in the country, which offers a competitive curriculum and highly defined leadership skills that integrates technology into learning. It is therefore my desire to pursue an advance education at this facility because it prepares practitioners to become great clinicians ready to solve real-world clinical problems. Moreover, the opportunity to pursue a degree in this facility will afford me the ability to be a competent and highly efficient family nurse practitioner; that will serve the community and mostly the underserved. I am the last child in a family of eight that has aspired to pursue my education at the graduate level. I grew up in Mombasa, Kenya in a less fortunate state, I saw my parents struggling to raise us. Health care was something they could not afford, whenever we felt sick we were treated with traditional medicine of which is only…show more content…
I was the vice-president and the nursing club student council representative while in Montgomery College. I formulated and implemented some policies pertaining to the club. I developed a mentorship program for freshmen. Moreover, I set up a program of feeding the poor in the nearby shelter. I am currently the group leader of the education shared governance committee. I am responsible for coordinating setting up modules for different complex nursing procedures for nurses reviews, informing nurses of upcoming educational conferences and posting articles pertaining to critical-care evidence based practice. I strongly believe that The George Washington University will afford me the opportunity to enhance my career goals and leadership
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