Family Nursing Care

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As you observed the professional/registered nurse’s role regarding family as the unit of care in this setting, what evidence can you describe related to family nursing care? According to Nurses and Families: a Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention, “The offering of information and opinions from health-care professionals is one of the most significant needs for families experiencing illness” (Wright and Leahey, p. 160). In the clinical experience that I observed, the family was very concerned about their mother who had just had an angiogram done. Their mother had to remain laying completely flat and not move too much and the family showed concerns about their mother needing to lie flat when she is hungry as well as the fact that she did…show more content…
When the angiogram was finished, the nurses in the cath lab inserted a straight catheter on the patient to empty her bladder immediately after the procedure, and then took it out right after. This follows evidence-based practice because the nurses were trying to avoid the development of an infection resulting from the patient having a catheter in place. The Joint Commission on national patient safety goals says that “The length of time that a catheter is in place contributes to infection” (). Because of this, that is why the nurse did not leave a catheter in the patient and why they did not insert a catheter later in the evening when the family had requested it.
Give some examples of dependent and independent nursing interventions you saw carried out in the department and/or how teamwork came into play. Describe how each team member communicated and collaborated
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There, I observed how the whole team worked together down there. I saw independent nursing interventions take place such as giving the patient a warm blanket when she was cold, hand washing, and applying the proper PPE. I also observed how the whole team worked together during the procedure. The health care team communicated efficiently by giving the doctor the information that he need when he needed it, and by the doctor communicating what he needed from the nurses and the technicians. The nurses in the observatory room helped with communication as well by properly documenting everything that was done during the procedure.
Describe a clinical situation in this setting that posed a communication challenge. This can be between client/nurse, nurse/nurse, nurse/physician, nurse/nurse anesthetist, nurse/ respiratory therapist, nurse/nursing assistant, etc. What was difficult? How was it handled? What were some effective communication techniques that were used or could have been
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