Family Observation Paper

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Clinical Observation
Based on my observations of Sarah and her family I believe that Sarah would benefit more by staying at her home with her family. Though Sarah is being taken care of by her family, I am very concerned with her behavior towards herself and her family. First, I think that Sarah needs to be seen by a doctor so that her condition can be diagnosed and so her family can know how to continue to better take care of her. I also believe that Sarah needs to be taught how to communicate whether it’s verbal or nonverbally, so that she can better communicate with her family. Why? The grandmother that reported the family to social services based her observations off of her one hour visit. I do not think that is valid to determine that
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The parents should have known that Sarah does need care being that she has not seen or diagnosed by a doctor. The only way that she can be properly be helped is if she is properly diagnosed. The family could also learn about different skills about her condition, which could enable them to be better caretakers.
I would help this family by allowing Sarah to stay at her home but recommend that she see a doctor immediately. I will also provide them with documentation that explains more information about her condition and effective ways of treatment.
I don’t think the siblings are being abused. Sarah is doing things in reaction to her condition and I think the siblings understand that. The siblings also stated that they wish her to stay in the home. Family taking care of family is something that most families just have to do.
Family taking care of family needs to step aside when there are individuals in the family who are being abused or mistreated or become resentful to the person who they are taking care of. I also believe that the outsiders need to intervene If taking care of the individual hinders the caregivers from living their lives and becoming their own
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