Personal Essay: Human Development And Family Science Career

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As a family science professional, I am committed to participating in lifelong learning. Because I am a part of this field, I am an advocate for helping others and using my skills to better the lives of other individuals. All the while, I will conduct myself in a professional manner. The skills I have gained in this area of study will constantly benefit me in my personal and professional life. Human development and family science is an area that studies people from birth to death, while also looking at outside, environmental, and interpersonal factors that also impact the development of the individual. As a professional in this field, I am dedicated to expressing empathy and exercising my ability to create meaningful relationships with the population I am serving. My responsibility and achievement skills will also play into my work through the form of leadership and dedication. No matter what career I have, I will put my utmost effort towards…show more content…
This framework states that the actions of one family member affects all other members. The family is also an environment that develops roles and rules for each member. When challenges arise, the family naturally tries their best to restore an equilibrium and return to their normal roles and rules. This theory has a great deal of merit to me because it explains an individual’s development in the context of their family. When choices are made, there is a possibility for multiple lives to change and adjust to it. These roles and rules shape our personal understanding of what we believe a family to be. As a result, newly formed families become a combination of two personal understandings of a family unit. This is pertinent for my future career because it helps me understand a range of diverse families and gives me a great understanding of the ways in which the definition of the term family can differ from person to

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