Family Problems For High School Dropping Out Of High Schools

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High School Dropouts

Every year about 1.2 million students drop out of high school. In other words, that is about one fourth of every freshman class failing to graduate! The students really misunderstand the importance that continuing to learn is one of the most important aspects in life. Their regard for high school has diminished as the times change, and the students do not care about a good education and what it can lead to. High school dropouts affect not only themselves, but many people around them. These students endure a number of problems beginning with what motivates them to drop out, what massive economic value missed, and overall the long term quality of their life.
Family Problems To begin with, there are many reasons that students decide to drop out of high school and one of them is due to family needs and issues. The first family reason is the lack of parent engagement. According to United Way of Stanislaus County “Parent Engagement was most often reported as a necessary factor for a child to be successful in school.” Some students feel like their parents do not care about whether they stay in school or just decide to quit and leave. Students also decided to drop out of school because they were either planning to get married or were actually married while they were in high school and left for good. Economic needs of the family was also a huge factor in issues for dropping out. A few had to help support their families and had to find a job to help support,

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