Single Parent Households: A Case Study

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• According to white paper on families.2012, A family is a societal group that is related by blood (kinship), adoption, foster care or the ties of marriage (civil, customary or religious), civil union or cohabitation, and go beyond a particular physical residence.
In the present day even those families with both parents are having it hard to present a healthy family nature. It becomes more difficult with those that are single parent households because you find that the remaining parent in these households are female figures and the children are male, which makes it difficult for them to raise them properly because they tend to see themselves as men who do not need a mother too tell them what to do. This whole thing happens with the parent unemployed but still a bread winner of the home by doing piece jobs to bring in money for food while it is something that does not happen often for the children to do the same, they happen to spend their money with friends in the streets.

• According to Budlender and Lund; 2011, It is often assumed that it is ‘normal’ for parents to provide for children financially and otherwise. As we have noted, however, the nuclear family is not the norm in South Africa. Many
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One problematic thing that most families in that informal settlement face is poverty, health problems and other social issues that are possible to impact a family from an informal settlement. The issue of poverty is the one that stands out because I have seen other children my age being taken by other families who are at least doing better, even though they do not take them for ownership but they treat them as theirs while the children still live or be at their homes

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