Family Pull Factors

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1. Have you or any of your family members migrated to another state based on pull or push factors?
My family migrated from a small West Indian Island to America because the opportunity to have a more productive and prosperous life was more attainable in the United States than on my island. There were many other factors such as having my school environment and how it would prepare me for the rigors of the word. The definition of Pull Factors are the conditions that encourage people to move into an area because of the following opportunities: employment, favorable climate and a tolerance society.
2. Has the US Health Care System impacted you or someone you know? If so, how?
The US health Care System has had a tremendous impact on my mother and cousins. The new Affordable Care Act has benefited many of my family members who have preexisting conditions such as hypertension, kidney disease and other medical conditions that caused them to be canceled from their insurance plans. This new law has allowed my family to feel more secure and the burden of not having medical care if need has been removed.

3. What do you think will be the most pressing
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Unfortunately, I feel that gun violence is at a tipping point in the US. Gun violence been on the rise and each time it happens there is load out cry to ban guns and have more gun control, but as time passes the debate subsides and things goes back to normal. Then gun violence happens again and again and somehow people start to become desensitize to the violence being committed by gun violence. Over time what is a rare gun violence starts to become something more common. The effects on me will be hard it will be one of confusion and pain. Sometimes I feel that until some important person who is an advocate of gun and the current outdates gun law becomes a casualty of gun violence the status quo will

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