Family Reflection Paper

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Reading the story, you can see how the family systems approach plays a part in this family as each individual forms a function. The father playing to head of the household and breadwinner, with the mom running the household with the kids working at playing. Reading through this it reminds me of the old T.V. series that I watched as a kid wounding why families were not like that anymore. Comparing the family structure in the story you can also observe the dyadic relationships of the families. The ones that I relate to the most are the relationships with the mother rather than the father. Comparing my family to this would only work when I was younger in my elementary school days before they divorced. I would work out the widow also waiting, but this would only happen if my father worked days at the mill. On the rare occasions that did occur he would be grouchy to do anything. Trying to identify the parenting style from the story seemed to be straightforward considering the time frame of the story and the economic status of the family. Reading through the story I believe that the parent 's demandingness and responsiveness were both high aligning their parenting style Both parents responded to the child’s needs when needed, especially with the wheelchair incident where the harshest response was a little cursing after the cops arrived. Even though the kids knew that they mess up this is the worst of the behaviors of their father that they could expect. Knowing this from the

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