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The issue of family relationship i.e. among family members and relatives of husband or wife is one of the major contents of family communication among couples from different cultural backgrounds and also families from the same culture. This issue is often raised and discussed regardless of its nature. As they share and repeatedly said that the contents of family relationship in family communication are the most difficult part especially among families from different cultural groups. As per the respondent’s view, there will be fear of misunderstanding, that could be source of conflict among the couples and mostly they choose to abstain from raising the discussion about family relationship that they
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Again they said, family relationship adapting and cultural difference especially with relatives is mostly repeated by all respondents as it is most essential contents and issues of communication. Based on their assumption and fear of miscommunication family has to have a quality to manage and build relationship through trusting respecting each other for better family life. The respondents also share the view of limiting the discussion to what they both agree on for the sake of smooth relationship and for the sake of their children to accommodate both cultures of their parents. Almost all families said that family relationship is the most core issue that they all discussed and practiced for the better socialization among the family members and their relatives, society they belongs to it. As they and their children from both culture said family relationship is the foundation for the existence of family together as a unit. Socialization and belongingness of Children’s of respondents
As viewed in most literatures, socialization is the process of learning and acquiring language, knowledge, attitude, belief and develops interpersonal skill. All of the respondents said it is the way that family accommodates each with their own community and interacting with each other. Again they

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