Family Relationships In Arundhati Roy's The God Of Small Things

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The Post-colonial experiences have made the family relationships so diificult and troublesome due to the breakout throughout the country. Children and adults lost their home and the struggles and troublesome difficulties they had in their homeland. The development of the colonizer’s land, made them to become confused with where their loyalties should lie. In Arundhati Roy’s novel ‘The God of Small Things’, the family which is presented is a family filled with tragedy. It is their own traditions and cultures that made them to go through the tragedy. However, the novel is based on the people oppressed by the colonisation of India and mainly by western world, and prejudices of the society dependent on class,caste and color that begin to turn on itself, and the loss of value of their own people, culture and native.…show more content…
Colonisation plays a role in defining people assumption overall on them; as well as their worthlessness can be felt on each member of the family at times when they needed each other. The British colonisers have left almost years ago but still there overpower and domination can be felt. The Indian’s had their own class and rules and all of these stories are looked up by the children’s in their families to help them to form their own identity and find their place in the world but their discomfort and difficulties are always dominated by wests. The relationship which India has with western countries. Instead of thinking in an independent way they are trying to move away from British culture and being a people oppressed by colonisation, they become a victim once again and continued to think like colonized as dominated by

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