Family Relationships In Elie Wiesel's Night

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With much of the world becoming focused on individual goals and ideas, it is necessary to remember the importance of family relationships. Through family bonds, people may find support that they would not find anywhere else, giving them the strength to push through difficult situations. The support that family relationships provide may be seen with an example from my own life as well as from Elie Wiesel’s novel Night. Family can be very crucial when it comes to dealing with tough situations in life. Many times, family members can make one another feel better and provide support in difficult times. Family members are important because they are always there to make others within the family feel better. During my own life, I have encountered many instances where I have been very scared about things such as school, swimming, and even simple things like talking to a cashier. With all of these different situations, one of the most important moments was when I had to swim…show more content…
In the book Night, Elie, the narrator, experiences some very onerous situations with his father. One of the situations that Elie and his father experience involves being forced to run from Buna to another concentration camp called Gleiwitz. While travelling to the next camp, Elie reflects on death and how easy it might be to stop attempting to survive. Elie even states that without his father he would not have been able to continue running and he would have eventually given up rather than continue to survive. His father's presence is the one thing that keeps Elie running and without this presence he might have fallen out of rank and been killed by the SS or the bitter cold. The relationship Elie has with his father pushes him to keep running and continue to live. He decides that he would rather stay with his father in this difficult time than give up
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