The Chamber John Grisham Analysis

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In The Chamber by John Grisham, the power of family relationships is expressed through the Cayhall family, for they are what strives and motivates Adam Hall to act in the manner he does. If Adam 's grandfather hadn 't been Sam Cayhall his whole life would 've been completely different. The fact that nobody chooses the family they are born into is emphasized through Adam 's life. Despite the weight which Adam has to carry, his deep love and connection for his family is his motivation in life. Through the novel there are two options when it comes to having an unwanted background, either run away from it or choosing to overcome it. This weight which is passed down through the relation of blood is what leads all families to trying no matter what.…show more content…
Eddie can 't deal with all the press and hatred that was being slashed onto their family name which is why he moves to California with his own family. Eddie 's life dramatically changed after Sam 's arrest making it impossible to continue. Lee recalls about Eddie, "he was so embarrassed and humiliated and couldn 't face people around town. He 'd just lost his job and he wouldn 't leave the house." (148) Despite the fact of running away from his blood, it 's only because of the want of keeping his own family safe. Evelyn, Adam and Carmen were Eddie 's priority now. Life in Clanton, Mississippi was now the past for Eddie, with this new start and new name their opportunities wouldn 't be limited any longer. Eddie tried his best to support his family and wanted to be all they needed. Adam recalls his father, "He was almost always there if we needed him. We played baseball in the backyard and rode rides at the carnival. He took us to Disneyland a couple of times. I guess he was a good man, a good father who just had his dark, strange side that flared up occasionally." (300) Eddie relocating his family lead them to having a normal life away from all the unwanted family connections. Despite all his attempts, his own death is what causes the connection between Adam and Lee to spark along with the Cayhall
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