Family Rescue Research Paper

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Family Rescue is an organization with the mission to break the cycle of domestic violence; it is specifically dedicated to providing advocacy and resources for abused women and their children. It has established several programs to stop domestic violence: emergency shelter, legal advocacy, subsidized housing, and community outreach. These different programs share the same purpose of breaking the cycle of domestic violence.
Domestic violence refers to recurring patterns of behavior – physical, psychological, emotional, economical, or sexual – that one uses to control another person. Domestic violence results in severe consequences on the victim’s physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. It can lead a person to be more susceptible to
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Abuse at home can be caused on the individual level. A previous history of abuse, substance abuse, trauma, and financial stress are possible factors that contribute to a person’s susceptibility to initiating domestic violence. Another cause of domestic violence lies in a lack of community resources and outreach. When people feel isolated and lack a sense of belonging or support from the community, the burden of their stress weighs heavier on their shoulders; consequently, this contributes to their lashing out on family members through violent ways. If the community offers services and resources to help individuals cope with their unique stressors and situations, incidences of domestic violence would decrease. In addition, society has a history of devaluing and oppressing women. Even though today’s society is moving away from past traditions, some of those residual beliefs about women and their role in the family still persist in some households. In these cases, women are perceived as belonging to men. This belief sets the stage for a controlling relationship in which the man dominates the woman, and uses violence as a means of…show more content…
Its outreach team facilitates workshops and seminars on various topics: domestic violence awareness and prevention; conflict resolution; and healthy relationship building skills. In addition, it has supervised support groups to empower and equip families with the necessary skills to make healthy choices. Outreach staff at Family Rescue also promotes collective wellness and prevent domestic violence through enabling community members to share their feelings, develop social skills, and learn relaxation techniques. When individuals feel are educated on effective communication skills and relaxation techniques, they feel empowered and are less susceptible to behaving violently; consequently, domestic violence is prevented. In addition, when surrounding community members are educated on domestic violence and have developed effective coping skills, they are more equipped to help others around them and contribute to individual wellness. Collective wellness allows each community member to feel supported and understood in the
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