Family Respect In Elie Wiesel's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The play version of The Diary of Anne Frank describes how a young girl's life is changed forever when hiding from the Nazi’s during World War II. In this play, Anne discovers her true values in life when being stuck in an attic for two years without anything fun to do. While the play is still currently read among every age, Elie Wiesel's point of view fascinates many on his life changing experiences during this horrible time. In Elie’s novel, the reader finds out how the life of a young boy and his family are changed forever when taken to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp of Jewish citizens. Although Elie Wiesel and Anne Frank provide different experiences and settings during the Holocaust, both authors emphasize the importance of family…show more content…
This characteristic is something that both Anne and Elie showed their parents at the beginning of the play and novel. By showing respect to her parents and siblings, I can conclude that Anne Frank was raised in a very polite and sophisticated family. She respected both her mother and father until she had to live in an Annex for two years and started loving her father more. Elie Wiesel was very similar because he had a great level of respect for both his mother and father until him and his family got taken away to Auschwitz. He then found out that his mother would be killed and he would be staying with his father to work at the different camps. Despite his love for his father, Elie soon found out that every man had to defend for themselves and fight their own battles. In the end, both Anne Frank and Elie Wiesel find out the importance of family. When going through tough times, family, love and compassion are all very valuable. Anne came to realize that even though she may have disagreements with her mother, she should still respect her and show her the love that she deserves. On the other hand, Elie finds out that even though he believes his father is useless, he should still stand by him and help him along the journey. Both of these examples are showing how valuable you parents and family are even when times get hard and
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