Family Responsibility In Decision Making

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Family responsibilities are an important factor to investigate their impact on female youths in decision-making. Hence, also investigating on how the matter of decision-making may also be influenced by their or responsibilities or aspirations. This section looks at the notion of family and how it may be related to familial responsibilities for female youths in underprivileged families. The idea of family in the matter of the types of relationships between family members were expressed by Parkin and Stone (2004), as they stated on how family members is either related through affinal relationship (through marriage) or consanguinity (also called ‘kinship’/blood related). In Brunei, there is a social norm that highly prioritizes the idea of taking care of families, both through marriage and blood. This can be related to how female youths feel the obligation to obliged to family responsibilities, in respect to how family members should be taken care of. Also, as stated by Dube (2001, p222), kinship acts as a “strong force” in South and Southeast Asia. In chapter 4, this idea of the importance of family is discussed as it may impact decision-making of female youths. It is usually known how families related through blood are considered more important. This idea of the different level of importance of family relations considered by female youths could help us to understand how their personal obligations and in-depth experiences drive female youths in underprivileged

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