My Family: My Role As A Role Model

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Dimension 1: Family (very important)
I was born in a foreign country and know the concepts and roles that I play in the family. I was born in Belgium and my mom work really hard to come to American for me to have a better education and a better job opportunity. Just me and my mother no brother or sister, father in Belgium. So when it comes to the point where my mother can’t work her going to turn to me for support. My role in the family is keeping the house clean, cooking and do anything that pertain to house and also go to school and get good grades and work hard to get my degree to support my family. I play a lot of role in the family since I’m the only child.
Dimension 3 – Culture (important)
When it comes to culture education is very important.
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How do you view yourself in regards to others?
My role in society is to get an education and be successful in life. Also support my family in the near future. My role with my peer group is to be a leader because majority of my friends are younger then me and look at me as a role model. They ask me for advice and also I try to be a good role model toward them. My view of myself is that I’m a nice, active person and know what I want to do in life, intelligent etc.
Dimension 4: Professional/Career (Very Important )
Got my high school diploma and working to get my associate and my bachelor degree when I transfer form Montgomery College. Not working at this moment but still looking. But for right now focusing on school and hopefully soon I get a job. The person that is a role model to me and inspire me to do big things is my mother. My mother was an independent women did thing on her own. What motivate me to believe in the impossible was my mom coming to American on her owe with not much to provide for her and also me and still was successful. Took hard work and education and that what I pertain to do to be successful. Long term goal is to be successful in
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Where do you get information about the world and current events? This is an important thing to know, political. Political give you sources and let you know what going on in society. I usually follow up with politics, like with Donald trump and Hillary Clinton and how the debt is going. My belief on this is that both of them don’t deserved to be president especially Donald Trump. Need to hurry up and vote but my best bet is voting on Hillary Clinton.
Dimension 6: Spiritual (very important )
Have a strong belief when it comes to religion, consider to be a Christian. My belief pertain to me having a better education and being successful in life is by praying to God. God is the sources to everyday living. I pray every day and when I have time read the bible. Mandatory to go to church every Sunday and pray and worship to one God. Also when I have time I go on conferences calls. I feel that majority of religion are basically the same because majority of them serve a
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