Family Speech: A Speech On Healthy Lifestyles

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Srija: Hi everyone this is the Smart Fit show and your lovely host here Srija Sritharan. Today I am here with my mom whom I wanted to influence and support in her healthy lifestyles changes. Mom: Hi, everyone! Srija: Okay let’s get started with the series of questions. Mom…How has your family history affected the lifestyle choices you have made throughout your life? Mom: Well, in my family side we have a history of health conditions. The most common our relative got were diabetes. From knowing that information I tried to change my eating habits from not eating a lot of food that has fats or sugars. As for exercising my relatives were really active. When we were young we would always participate in sports event. Through the end even though we might have this health problem in the future, we always stayed positive and lived our life to the fullest. Srija: Okay the second question is, how has your education (high school, vocational and/or college) influenced your lifestyle choices? Mom: Well education did teach me some things to keep my body healthy and strong even how to eat healthy. It made me who I am now, and that I can share this information to my friends and to my kids. Education benefited me in many ways. I am aware of the things that I need to do to have a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve on doing it. Srija: The third question is, what impacts have ethnicity and culture, health policies, and the environment had on your lifestyle choices? Mom: Ethnicity and culture

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