Family Stereotypes

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Have you ever had the thought of family? Most likely your answer is yes, because for most individual’s family is central and important. The family is an important influence on a child 's upbringing to help them whether for better or for worse. Another question for you is, what factors do you believe can create a criminal? Ask yourself that. You’re most likely thinking of the following factors a single-parent household, poverty, uneducated, or whatever other typical factors, you have heard. In some case’s family can create a criminal. A family that essentially has involvement with crime, can form a child or children into that lifestyle as well.
A lot of people can agree with your childhood impacts your future, which in more ways than one that
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Generally, a stereotype is to be thought of as the mental representations that people have for members of a group of people. Not all individuals fit under your usually stereotypes that you may think. Usually some people have that perception if you’re a black male and female you came from a single-parent household, lived in poverty, struggled through or didn’t finish school, and appear to be a threat and I believe those are not entirely true, I believe they can be inaccurate in many ways. For example, my three brothers Asmar, Omar, and Samir they grew up going to Catholic school, playing sports, and getting anything they want. They didn’t come from any of those stereotypical factors, they grew up with pretty normal lives and that’s what is shocking. I’m not making an excuse for them at all I just need some understanding of it all. However, discovering, that this year there was scientific study stating rich and poor black and white youth in the US has definitively smashed the excuse used by nonwhite apologists that poverty “causes” crime as stated by The New Observer website. Which brings to light to my statement throwing the poverty aspect out of the window. Also, there was a project called the Sentencing Project in the 90’s one in four (23%) African-American males in the age group 20-29 was under some form of criminal justice supervision in prison or jail, on probation or parole. That report received…show more content…
The boys had the influences of their older relatives, which for them was the key factor in it all. They used their family as an escape even when their mother and my father refused to let them go they would sneak off and go to them anyway. That was when my father knew it was something deeper than what they said was going on. My father would ask them what they did that weekend they would say the same old responses. When I stated earlier that they were in a “family gang” they just did whatever they had to do to get to their family. With some research though I found similar story regarding the heavy influence of the family and crime. Basically, it describes a young white man who is currently serving time in prison because he was around his family that did constant criminal acts not caring about the consequences. But he himself started when he was twelve years old, his very first crime was damage to private property and fleeing from police. He was also arrested for the possession and intent to distribute marijuana, meth, and pills at the age of fourteen. He describes his brothers one is fifteen and the other thirteen, they were charged with grand theft auto and his aunt was driving intoxicated with a child in the car. Also, his friend had effect on his being incarcerated as well. Relating this to my brothers and this young man’s family and
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