Family Strengths And Roles Of The Family

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A family is known to be the foundation of society that has the ability to change and influence the society. This project features a family that presents family dynamics, structures, roles of family member, cultural values and practices. The family that I interviewed has its own unique problems, strengths and weaknesses that forms their identity. The challenges that the family faced through the years of togetherness is a proof of how they survive and thrive.
The Cruz family is considered to be a Nuclear type of family which consists of John (husband) and Jean (wife) with their three daughters, Joan (15), Janice (7), and Jane (2). John and Jean are from the Philippines, however, John is half Chinese-Filipino. The two met when they were in college. John is currently working as an Engineer while Jean is a college graduate, a stay-at home wife and mother. Joan, the eldest child is in high school and Janice is in elementary school while Jane a clingy toddler to her mom. When the couple moved in the states, Jean did not get a chance to work and decided to give up her career to stay home and raise their children. As a father, John is a good provider and a responsible husband. In Asian culture, it is the responsibility of the husband to be the head and primary financial provider for the family. The wife is expected to manage the household and take care of the children and would seek guidance to her husband for major family decisions while the children are taught to obey and respect

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