Family Stress Case Study

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Family is a group of people that consist of parents, children and their relatives. Our parent’s role is to take care of us, to teach us good manners, to give our needs and wants. They are considered as our first teachers that can teach us until we grow up, but because of lack of money they need to make a difficult decision to go work on abroad and give or provide their family needs. And that’s why we need to understand it; it’s not easy because we want that our parents are on our side until we grow up. Nowadays, many children’s are experiencing the absence of their parents. Maybe some children have become rebellious because of lack of attention from their parents and some children’s appreciate the efforts of their parents that they have the initiative to study harder. Even if it’s a lot that their parent/s misses some of the biggest events in their life like birthdays, graduation, Christmas day, a simple dinner together and etc. But even so, they endure it because they know that the day will come when they…show more content…
The study determined the significant relationship between the extent of stress factors, such as Health, Work, Home and Family, Personal and Social and Financial stresses, and the level of wellbeing of Overseas Filipino Workers. The result suggests that Filipino cultural values like “pakikisama, pakikitungo, utang na loob, bayanihan, pamamagitan, patriotism, commitment, responsibility, nationalism, compassion, goal oriented, dignity, family solidarity, competence, reliability, knowledgeable, and loyalty” and the availability of social media and electronic mails brought by Internet connections and other means of communication sustain the physical, financial, mental and spiritual well-being of OFWs while working
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