Family Structure: Family, Structures, And Roles

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This is a family that consists of mother, a father and one or more children. The human may be biological, or adopted. There are many advantages to a nuclear family structure. In this family type, two people share the parenting responsibilities a two parent family provides e.g., of both male and female roles. The children are able to learn how their parent share responsibilities they also see how couple communicate, make decisions, and solve problem on daily basis however some nuclear families actually have only one parent at home a large part of the time e.g. one situation occurs when one parent must travel extensively for his or her job the parent may be absent from the family for one or more weak returning home only on weak ends. Two adults living together in a household with their own or adopted children. 1.5.2. Single-Parent Family: A single-parent family is headed by one parent who has never married or who is left alone after a death, divorce, or separation. A single parent consist of only one parent and one or more children. Some single parent family’s results from legal separation, desertion or divorce, others are due to death of one parent. Other is the result of unmarried people becoming parents through birth or adoption. In Europe and United States many children are born to unmarried women. 1.5.3. Blended Family: Some step families are called blended families. A blended family is formed when both spouses have children from a previous relationship. A blended
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