Family Violence Literature Review

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Literature Review
“Domestic violence is any act of physical, mental or sexual violence, and any attempted such violence, as well as the forcible restriction of individual freedom and of privacy, carried out against individuals who have or have had family or kinship ties or cohabit or dwell in the same home.” (Law on Protection against Domestic Violence (2005) of Bulgaria, Chapter 1, S. 2)
The Domestic violence Act of South Africa defines Domestic Violence as, “any act or threat of physical abuse; sexual abuse; emotional, verbal and psychological abuse; economic abuse; intimidation; harassment; stalking; damage to property; entry into the residence of a person sharing or having shared a domestic relationship with the perpetrator without that
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The main idea of this theory is what affects an individual, affects all the family members equally. “ Family system theory provides a framework for observing and understanding general characteristics of human relationships, individual functioning in the nuclear family, ways in which emotional problems are transmitted to the next generation as well as transmission of behavioural patterns over multiple generations…,”(Family violence: what health care providers need to know. Maren.E.Hyde-Nolan; Tracy Juliao, 2012) thus one gets a better understanding of family violence through the family system…show more content…
2.2 Types of domestic violence
Social abuse
Social abuse is a method used by the perpetrator to alienate the victim from socialising ; for example , preventing the victim from using telephone , preventing the victim from going out of the house, prohibiting the victim from talking to anyone among others. Thus this leads to dependence on the perpetrator (The Encyclopaedia of domestic violence, pg. 104, 2007).
Financial abuse
Financial abuse is a tactic that is used by the perpetrator to have complete access to finance. The victim is thus deprived of money for short term and long term.
Sexual abuse
Sexual abuse is a forced sexual contact on a person. It can be through verbal action, threat, and physical contact on a person. Sexual abuse is a non-consensual action through vaginal, oral, anal penetration by any objects. Sexual abuse occurs mostly during the tension building phase in the domestic violence cycle (, (Encyclopaedia of Domestic Violence, pg. 104,

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