Family Systems Theory: Theories Of Family

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Although I feel like families fit multiple theories at any given time, I agree most with the Family Systems Theory. This theory takes a look at the entire family and how it functions as a complete unit as opposed to the individuals. It takes a look at the interconnected relationships within the family unit and how they function together. This theory makes me think of an engine. When all parts of an engine are working properly the engine runs smoothly or purrs as a mechanic might say. Should any part of the engine fail to function properly you will have issues and run the risk of it failing to function as needed and eventually breaking down if the issue is not addressed. Within my family we all function in various ways with both communicated…show more content…
I struggled to remember that mental illness was not a cookie cutter illness and that additional help was needed to find functionality again. I felt out of control and that was a clear breakdown in the way my family would function as now two parties were not doing their part. I was able to seek the help and accept it readily as it became available. My husband however, had a different reaction. Having lost his brother when he was a teenager he thought and felt the family needed to privately "fix this". His experience with family trauma and dysfunction lead him to believe the proper way to deal with this was without the help of outsiders. He felt it was my job as the matriarch to correct the emotions of our daughter. It was my job to deal with the emotional upheaval that was causing the breakdown. He was of the belief that emotional issues were handled by the Mother. These blinders were on for him as this was his personal experience from childhood. This is how he was raised to deal with emotional trauma and how he thought all families handled similar

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