Family: The Causes Of Family Stress In The Family

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Family stress is one of the stresses that people usually encounter the most. This is because every one of us has a family. Having a family is one of the happiest things in our life therefore we should appreciate it. However, family can be a source of great joy, but also great conflict, and conflict causes stress. If one of the family members suffers from stress, he or she will cause the entire family be affected. There are many kinds of family stress that will encounter within a family. Family stress may occur because of various reasons. The causes of family stress in each family are differ but sometimes there are similarities. Therefore, identifying what causes family stress can help us to deal with it more proactively and positively. First and foremost, conflicts and disagreements between parents and their children will cause stress to occur in the family. Being parents in a family is not as easy as what we think because they need to worry and protect their children from any obstacles that their children faced. Especially when their children reach the teenage years, both their parents will be additionally strict on them in order to protect them. Teenage years are where children are easier to be influence by their friends or their peers which results their parents to be worried about them. Parents will be worrying about their children involving in those negative elements that will harm them and their lives. Those negative elements may include give up on studying, drug

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