Family: The Positive Influence Of The Family In Society

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Through the history, “family” has been was seen as a fundamental institution in the life of a man kind and piece of heaven for children. With the new society arrival of the 20th century families are facing new and multiple realities, and situations is are affecting and weakening the relationships between spouses and parents and to children. Today the world is concerned about the fate and how to preserve this sanctuary to have a positive influence on our children.
Family is the most important group of all social groups, because it influences and shapes the human person. The family is the true laboratory of formation of the person.

Since early years, the child takes from parents gestures, attitudes, language, examples of behavior. The first relationship
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Many parents were quite stressed with other issues and preferred to leave children in front of the TV or computer, to only have few minutes to themselves. Another issues that came with the technology is the extent which children are exposed to violence while playing games or watching television. Many TV shows offered very poor role models in moral values and expose children to things that maybe are too young to see them, while the video games they're allowed to use fake weapons. US children's programs shown on the television an average of 20 to 25 violent acts every hour. A significant association was found between time spent watching television during adolescence, with this exposure to violence, and the likelihood of later antisocial behavior, such as aggression threatening physical attack or fight with violence resulting in bodily injury and robbery. Small children are more easily influenced, and is more difficult for them to distinguish between fantasy and reality and can not easily discern the motivations of violence, her learning through observation and

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