Family: The Pros And Cons Of Early Motherhood

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Abstract The family is the backbone of society, and the mother is the backbone of the family. This shows how it is important to observe and analyze any factors that affect this structure. The relationship between a healthy family and the age of the mother has always interested researchers because of its strong impact on the family and society. This paper addresses that topic by first presenting background information, followed by analysis of the pros and cons of starting a family at a early age. Analysis conducted from various important angles including the economic circumstances for the mother and the family, the behavioral impact, as well as the risks on the health of the mother and the child. Recent researches, the factors presented…show more content…
Appropriate age for maternity has been an interesting topic for researchers trying to establish a link between age and the well being of the mother, the children and therefore the society at large. Plenty of pros and cons for early motherhood below 20 years of age have been studied both theoretically and using evidence from real life samples. Criteria for the analysis and conclusions drawn range from the impact of having children at teenage or below the age of 20 on the economic aspect for the mother, physical and health concerns, the impact on proper raising of the kids, the required experience of the mother, the conduct of the other partner and several other factors. According to Gibb, Fergusson, Horwood & Boden,(2014) early maternity has been defined as a woman giving birth to a baby at teenage or before the age of…show more content…
in fact some researchers believe that poor economic circumstances could be a contributing factor to other negative aspects of early motherhood. According to gibbs, fergusson, horwood & boden, (2014) younger mothers report economic hardships to the extent of having insufficient money to meet their daily needs. Besides, compared with elder mothers young mothers prove to be more likely to receive welfare benefits. Furthermore it was proven that younger mothers find it harder to make any saving, and many of those were unable to make any saving at all. More economic related disadvantages of early motherhood include the fact that the mother and her child living standards were more likely to be quite low living in overcrowded conditions, and more likely to be urged to make several moves to relocate during short time

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