Family Theory: Applying The Family Systems Theory

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Applying the Family Systems Theory
Family Context. The family that I observed for this paper was the Wyatt’s. The Wyatt family consists of my Aunt, my step-Uncle, and my step-Cousin. My Aunt Vanessa is 49 years old and has worked for New Richmond School district for 15 years. My Uncle Greg is 47 years old and has been a carpenter for 27 years in which he now owns his own business. My cousin Zach is 18 and currently is jobless and not enrolled in school. My Aunt has one son of her own, Eric, who is 35 and lives on his own with his wife, April, 34, and their two sons, Elijah, 6, and Chance, 4,. My Uncle was married before only having Zach as a child. My aunt is one of the most self-less people I know, behind her mother or my grandmother. She thinks of others needs before her own and would take the clothes off her back for a stranger in need. When
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When two sets of people are parenting one child differently without a set communication skills, there are many discrepancies and issues that can arise. The problem that was prominently the issue was communication and discipline. My cousin Zach got in with a bad crowd when he moved back in with his mother for technical school. Zach got pulled into the drug ring with his cousin from his mother’s side. He was even sent to a Juvenile detention center last summer in which he had the choice to go live with my aunt and uncle or stay in the detention center for another two weeks. He chose to stay in the detention center. The parenting styles to handle this situation along with those that followed vastly differed. When they found out he was doing drugs, his mother kicked him out and my aunt found him treatment. Since then, it has been a struggle for Zach between wanting to live with my aunt, who has rules, versus his biological mom, who has limited rules. Now that he is graduated and not going to school with working odd jobs, he has the option to flip back and forth from his mom’s to his dad’s

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