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Family structure talks about family arrangement and composition which includes the roles and interactions (Edelman, 2014). According to Minuchin (2012), the family structural theory emphasis on the important of the family structure and its changes that occurs and how the individuals in the family relate collectively over time to put up and accept each other. Minuchin says further that a well-functioning family will choose how to solve and handle the family experience with a positive outcome. The goal of a structural family is to express the strengths in each other in critical moments, and helping each other through it. Developmental theory is the methods used as the viewpoint of family tasking and development through phases of life (Edelman, 2014). To raise children is overwhelming alone, and requires a lot of commitment and time, not to talk about caring for an aged individual who needed more attention as she need help to with her self-care. Caring for an aged person is very tasking and need new skill in order to carry out daily activities. In this situation with Susie, she needed education, reassurance and how to enhance community resources…show more content…
Assessing the needs of all the people in the family will prompt a strategy approach which all the family has to work on by functioning together as a family in order to assist Mrs. Jones in her care which will be the family goal. The family goal will be how to assist the Susie aged mother and how the family will not be affected especially Susie herself. Susie family routine has to be assessed and incorporate the needs of the aged mother in the family routine. Everyone in the family has a need and needs must be met in avoid strive and tension. The children’s happiness should be evaluated to determine how healthy they are in terms of physical, mental, and emotional to achieve the family goal and to avoid family

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